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Why you CANNOT re-use many modern Head Bolts

Recently I replaced the head gasket on a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage with the 1.5L SOHC.  While torquing down the head bolts according the the tighten, loosen, tighten, turn another 180 degree procedure two of the bolts got very loose while turning the additional 180 degrees.  I was a little dumb struck and couldn’t explain it.  […]

1st Gen Prius Whoas (The Triangle of Death!!)

My wife’s birthday is Monday and while out buying her presents the dash of our Prius lights up like a christmas tree, and a very unhapy looking icon shows up on the information display.  It reminded me of the Sad Mac that apple computers used to display.  Then, the car lost all power.  Fortunatly, I […]