Simon Sinek – NOBODY Wins

Simon Sinek gives a talk you can find here:


TLDR – Don’t play to WIN in business.  It’s an infinite game not a finite game.  Don’t play for tomorrow, play for 5o years.  Don’t think of battles, think of the war.

Example – Simon said that during the Steve Balmer days at Microsoft, 100% of managers spent 70% of presentation time talking about “How to beat Apple.”  Whereas at Apple, 100% of managers spent 100% of time talking about how to help teachers teach and students learn.  Apple was/is playing the infinite game.  Microsoft was playing the finite game.

How does this apply to me and Novak Solutions?  Build a strong leadership team.  Teach employees how to lead.  Look towards the distant future (of which the near future is part of) and plan for that.