OpenSCAD for Notepad++

The OpenSCAD editor leaves some things to be desired.  OpenSCAD isn’t supposed to be an IDE, it’s a really awesome scripting language to generate 3d and 2d models.  And I think they threw the editor in there to make it easier for people to get started.

Notepad++ for windows has a pretty sophisticated syntax styler, and someone out there has an xml file you can import for Notepad++ but it only looks good if you use black for your background by default, and they had a lot of the key words seperated.  It just wasn’t for me.

I took theirs (it’s on thingiverse, but I don’t want to put the URL here because I don’t want to improve their SEO, since I think this one is far far better :) ), changed some colors, added a few things, and this is the result.

To use it, click here: and then click on “Download ZIP” and extract it to your desktop (or where ever).  Then open NotePad++ -> Language -> User Defined -> Import…  and select the file.  VIOLA!