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ESP32 Programming

With the many number of ways to develop on the ESP32 I wanted to find the clear choice for my needs.  Below is my take on the situation, and my choice.   Bare Bones ESP-IDF The ESP-IDF is the development kit provided by Exspressif itself.  It works great, gives you access to all the features […]

Paul’s Ace Hardware

Recently I started racing RC cars as a hobby.  Right next to the Local Hobby Shop where the races take place is an Ace Hardware.  Paul’s Ace Hardware is a hardware store that has survived the birth of big chain home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc…).  Paul’s Ace Hardware is a really cool store.  Lots […]

Science Based Leadership

I remember back to my childhood in SC and thinking how stupid people were.  As I grew, I realized not all adults are stupid, however there are adults who lack balance, and quickly latch on to an idea just because the presenter made a good case (this is one way in which Hitler came to […]

Wow! Multiple Profiles in Chrome (i.e. log into multiple accounts for the same site simultaneously)!

I run two small businesses and my own personal life.  I have 3 gmail accounts, 3 accounts, 3 google calendars, 3 google drive accounts etc…  Google handles multiple accounts ok (but not Google drive), but Amazon doesn’t handle multiple accounts at all.  I need to log into all 3 Amazon accounts daily, finaly I […]

Car Trip 12v Power Usage

On our way back from TX yesterday I realized we had finally maxed our 4way 12v splitter. That includes GPS, inverter for soothing dog scent thing glade plugin type thing, iPhone 5 charger and original iPhone Charger… Oh, what I would give for 2 or thereof those plugs in other places like newer cars have. […]