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North Korea – The Silent Country and it’s Citizens

My wife and I frequently watch documentaries.  Some of them are boring, some exciting, and some are extremely informative. One such informative documentary we viewed is “National Geographic: Inside North Korea”. North Korea is a country we know little about.  The film provides a rare glimpse inside the lives of North Korean Citizens.  What spoke to […]

Why Taxing The Rich isn’t Fair

So, today in congress the new jobs bill should be voted on.  $60 billion to rebuild our transportation infrastructure.  And since the senate now has to appear to the public to be working on a plan not to increase the deficit included in the bill is a way to pay for it. And how are […]

The Constitution – A Heavenly Banner

Ezra Taft Benson was the secretary of agriculture for all eight years of President Eisenhower’s administration, and frequently spoke about the Constitution and our Nation during speeches / talks / and sometimes even sermons he would give. This is one such talk about the Constitution. Latter Day Saints believe the founders of our country were […]

A Blog without the ability to post comments????

Blogs are amazing things. They allow you to easily disseminate information to interested parties, and also, allow you to receive feedback from those that have read the information. That second part is the most revolutionary thing about blogs. Mediums to broadcast information have been around for centuries, but easy ways to receive feedback from those […]