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Economy of Cars – Cost Per Mile

I go through a lot of cars…  I buy them cheap.  Drive them till they die, or I flip them for a profit (flip as in sell, not flip as in roll over). For cars I don’t flip I like to think of the expense as cost per mile.  Here are 4 examples. The Beater  – I […]

Mesa Towing Laws – Know your Rights

So, recently some friends of mine asked for a ride to their car so that they could change a flat tire.  I took them to the gas station, and their car was gone.  It had been towed.  I like most people, but people that take advantage of other people are hard to like.   I […]

An Exciting Night of Police Action!

Last night, about 10pm I’m in our kitchen when I hear a knock on our rear sliding glass door.  There’s a guy out there dressed in black with a flashlight.  I hesitate while I decide whether I go grab a gun, or if it’s a friend.  Then I notice the radio and badge.  I hurry […]

Straight From The Source

Things are always more accurate when you get things straight from the source.  Let’s say you are building a wood framed house…  When putting in studs they are supposed to be centered every 16″, if you were to measure 16″ from the end, and then measure from that mark to the next location, and continue… […]

International Buy Nothing Day!

I saw a post on Instructables today from the editor called “International Buy Nothing Day”.  You guessed it, a day to celebrate the holidays by buying nothing at all…  I think it’s a great idea.  I usually stay away from shopping centers on Black Friday, but the idea of buying nothing at all is appealing. […]

How safe is your car?

Recently I had a good friend in a serious accident.  Fortunately, no one died, and they are slowly recovering.  The van they were in sustained HEAVY damage.  They asked me to get some stuff out of it for them, and when I saw it, I was in dis-belief.  The drivers side of the car was […]