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Easily Download General Conference Talks

The LDS Church recently changed their website, and it is more difficult to download talks now.  I wrote this quick User Script (I recommend the Chrome plugin “Custom JavaScript” to use it.). Here is the code, just paste this into the box after you install Custom JavaScript and click on the blue “cjs” in your […]

A Better BYU Speech Player

My friend Jacob Allred just created an improved random BYU Speeches page based on mine.  It’s got some great features mine doesn’t, the best of which is that you can login with your Google Account and it will keep track of the talks / speeches you’ve listened to and never repeat one!  He’s also done a […]

The power of “Besides that?”

Last night, I attened our local BSA Venture Forum meeting.  Thee was a guest speaker, talking about what we can do to help our young men achieve their goals.  His presentation was educational, thought provoking, and filled with good principles. One skill he taught, is how to discover the real reasons people make choices.  Everyone […]

The Constitution – A Heavenly Banner

Ezra Taft Benson was the secretary of agriculture for all eight years of President Eisenhower’s administration, and frequently spoke about the Constitution and our Nation during speeches / talks / and sometimes even sermons he would give. This is one such talk about the Constitution. Latter Day Saints believe the founders of our country were […]

Provident Living

Being content with what you have and controlling wants is hard.  But it is worth it.  This is a talk given by a man that I have great love and respect for about being provident providers and living within our means.  It’s good. My wife and I do several things to be more provident. Recently […]

Pull, don’t push

Nothing great has ever happened without a leader. Ok, so well, maybe SOMETHING great has happened without a leader, but the occurrences of great things happening with a leader vs. without show great things usually involve a leader. Or, great things are brought about by a great leader. What is a leader? It’s easy. Someone […]

True Doctrine

One of my favorite teachers recently published an article on the effects of teaching true doctrine that I greatly enjoyed. I love true doctrine.  Something about the absolute truths contained in true doctrine get me excited.  Teachings such as: “All men will be resurected.”  And “All children that die before the age of accountability will inherit the […]