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So,  have you ever had one of those “weird” hobbies, only to discover there are others like you?  It’s a great feeling.  Well if you are a pyro, here is a group for you. One of my favorite newsletters is sent out by Skylighter.  Skylighter is a company in Virginia who goes toe to toe […]

More Redneck Fun With Excavators!

While crusing around on You Tube I found even more videos of rednecks using excavators for entertainment and other more practical things. Diving Platform and Wave Maker Amusment Park Ride Sledding The original Water Skiing Water Swing / Sling Excavator Circus! Delicate Car Wash Car Wash the wrong way…  Um…  I hope that wasn’t your […]

Concrete Dog Anchor

Our dogs love to be in our un-fenced front yard.  In the past, we had one of those auger dog leash anchors in the front yard.  But it’s a pain because you have to mow around it, and it just doesn’t look good. So, I had wanted to put an anchor in our concrete to […]

DIY Spot Welder

Ok, so go ahead, make fun of me…  But I’ve wanted a spot welder for a long time…  Seriously, since I was, oh, say 15 or so?  They are just COOL! I tried to make one about 4 years ago, but the cables I bought weren’t big enough so they would melt before the metal […]

A math teaser

This was sent to me via email by Josh Johnson: This is a mathematical challenge, and it’s been said that: If you’re an engineer, you should be able to solve it in (under) three minutes, if you’re an architect, in three hours; if you’re a doctor, in six hours; if you’re an accountant, in three […]

How Games Reward the Brain

I’ve often wondered about how we can leverage the joy of gaming to education, and other activities in life.  This video talks about the different ways games reward the brain.  And the patterns they use to do so.