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Making a USB OTG cable for the Nabi Tab / Dream

Nabi has their own proprietary usb plug for many of their tablets.  I ordered a Nabi big tab 20″ for a display at work, but I needed to connect some usb peripherals to it.  I assumed it had a standard usb micro port so I didn’t order an out of stock Nabi USB OTG adapter. […]

Old PCs are Treasure Troves for Makers

I recently got 2 old PCs (Windows XP Era) from work.  They were throwing them out, and I grabbed them.  I really just wanted the power supplies, but as I took them apart, I realized just how much useful stuff they have inside Lets start with the power supply.  35A-50A @ 5v…  You could charge […]

18650 Battery Capacity Tester

I scrounge electronic parts from dead things all the time.  I’ve collected about 20 18650 cells in the last few years from drill battery packs and laptop batteries.  I’ve made a few 7.2v packs for my RC car, but I hesitate to do much with the rest until I find out the capacity of each […]

The Chateau Sport FSM / Shop Manual

An uncle on my wife’s side has an RV, and it broke recently.  He asked if I could look at it, which I was happy to do.  Unfortunatly, for those who don’t know, getting technical information on the vehicle part of an RV is not easy.  The RV comes with all kinds of books, schematics, […]

Opening Locked Car Doors… (How To)

I got a call from a friend tonight, he said “Joey, you don’t happen to have a slim jim do you?”.  “No Bill (name changed),  I don’t, but I’m pretty good at getting into locked cars.” “Really?  I locked my keys in my work truck, and the hi-beams are on.  Can you meet me at […]

Red Neck Rock Tumbler

There is something about people who live in the hicks.  While they may not always have a lot of money or formal education.  They seem to frequently know how to get what they want/need from what they have…