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Economy of Cars – Cost Per Mile

I go through a lot of cars…  I buy them cheap.  Drive them till they die, or I flip them for a profit (flip as in sell, not flip as in roll over). For cars I don’t flip I like to think of the expense as cost per mile.  Here are 4 examples. The Beater  – I […]

Do The Work – My Review

Do The Work is a masterful work by and for the Bi-Polar ADD artist in us all.  The author (Steven Pressfield) describes the 3 phases of any dream / project.  The Beginning, The Middle, and The End.  He encourages / tells us to start before you are ready (and I am, I’m not really ready […]

Easily Download General Conference Talks

The LDS Church recently changed their website, and it is more difficult to download talks now.  I wrote this quick User Script (I recommend the Chrome plugin “Custom JavaScript” to use it.). Here is the code, just paste this into the box after you install Custom JavaScript and click on the blue “cjs” in your […]

Old PCs are Treasure Troves for Makers

I recently got 2 old PCs (Windows XP Era) from work.  They were throwing them out, and I grabbed them.  I really just wanted the power supplies, but as I took them apart, I realized just how much useful stuff they have inside Lets start with the power supply.  35A-50A @ 5v…  You could charge […]

Independant Contractors almost always get the short end of the stick in Contracts…

(RANT) As a small business owner frequently working with larger clients I frequently get asked to sign contracts. What I have discovered as my legal proficiency has increased is that attorney’s usually write contracts that protect their clients interests only, and not the other party. i.e. We don’t employ legal counsel yet, and so the […]